If you’re a lover of meat, you probably have a favorite spot where you frequent for the best servings. Well, we are precisely talking about steakhouses here. Considering how the Colorado capital embraces culture, heritage, and food, steak houses are a big deal in Denver. No doubt that you will be spoilt for choice when looking for a steakhouse in Denver. Whether you’re a mad fan of beefsteaks or you prefer your mutton served with potatoes, there is something for everyone in Denver’s steakhouses.

However, if there’s one steakhouse that stands out from the rest of the crowd, you can call it Shanahan’s. For a good reason, the award-winning steakhouse is a frequent spot and a darling to many, locals and tourists alike. Starting with a brief look at the awards this establishment has bagged over the past few years, here are some reasons why Shanahan’s steakhouse is a Denver favorite.


1. Awards 

Awards and public recognition are among the most common ways businesses and even individuals get into the spotlight. Shanahan’s Steakhouse has for sure bagged several awards¸ including the 2019 Trip Advisor winner, OpenTable Diner’s Choice, and Award of Excellence 2020. It also appeared on Zagat’s top 50 best Denver steakhouses in 2019. It is also among the top 100 American steakhouses as of 2020. This public recognition doesn’t come easy, which explains why many people consider it their steakhouse of choice in Denver.

2. Finger Licking Delicacies

This one should be pretty obvious. When the Name Shanahan Steakhouse is mentioned, the first thing that will cross the mind of anyone who’s been there is the extremely delicious servings! Combined with the dark and mysterious vibe, mouth-watering steaks at Shanahan’s steakhouse are part of what keeps the customers coming back. No wonder is among Denver’s best steakhouses. With an array of delicacies from the menu, visitors are spoilt for choice on what to take and what to leave out.

The primary servings include steaks, fish, and cocktails. There are various dining menu options served for both adults and children, including beef cuts, chicken, and lamb with organically produced accompaniments, from potatoes to salads, sauces, and toppings. Locals praise it for being an amazing spot to enjoy local cuisine, including vegetarian friendly American food.

If you are not a seafood lover, this steakhouse might as well make you go for seafood shopping when you leave. You may find yourself befriending the chef for a glimpse of their recipe! In a nutshell, though, their food has a high reputation in the Colorado capital.

3. Comfortable Spaces

Known for its world-class cultural attractions, Shanahan’s steakhouse has unique and artistic spaces designed to provide comfort at its maximum to the diners. When you walk into the steakhouse, you will notice a mix of artistic designs meant to appreciate and embrace cultures. It is spacious enough to ensure adequate fresh air. The city, which is located in high altitudes, has thinner air, requiring no human intervention.

Anytime you find yourself in Denver, make your way to Shanahan steakhouse. Witness and experience the outdoor patio and indoor ambiance of this social amenity. The place is simply outstanding! You will also spot Lombardi trophies in a safe, which belongs to Mike Shanahan from super bowl Victoria title wins.

4. Great Service

Poor customer service has always been a turn off to any business, especially the hospitality industry. The food might be top-notch, but if the attendant on your end is not friendly, that is a flop! An attendant who engages with you and assists you with more information about the delicacies on their menu gives you the heart to try new delicacies. In Denver, Shanahan is known for its exemplary service and how the team accommodates its clients. You might be dropping by just for a drink or cocktail, only to find yourself staying for dinner. Why? Because the service received is so welcoming and comforting to the clients. This makes it a favorite to many in steakhouse frequenters in Denver.

5. Secure and Ample Parking

The value we put on our vehicles and valuables cannot go unmentioned. Many people consider Shanahan’s parking secure, and it is spacious enough so congestion is rarely an issue. You can enjoy your fun moments peacefully as you catch up with family and friends. With security lights from corner to corner, surveillance cameras, security scans, and trained security guards, all you need to worry about is if you will get enough of whatever meal you will order there.

6. Relatively Affordable Prices

When you walk in a restaurant and operate on a budget, your choices might sometimes be limited. You may not even be sure if what you order will impress or disappoint you. But when it comes to Shanahan’s, quality is their middle name. First of all, their delicacies will exceed your expectations, which is why most people appreciate the meals’ worth. It might not be the most affordable in town, but considering their delicious offerings and quality servings, most people gladly pitch their wallets dining here. The other factor that appeals to many of their customers is that they also accept credit cards.

7. Other Features

As if what we’ve mentioned isn’t enough, the steakhouse also massages its customers’ ego with additional features and amenities, including valet parking, outdoor seating, flat-screen television, reservations, and private dining. It is also wheelchair-accessible. Special table service is also available, alongside towering fireplaces at various points indoors and outdoors.

Finally, what’s a good dinner without some wine? For the wine connoisseurs, your eyes will have some wondering job to do at the cellar display, which holds more than 5,000 bottles of wine. The servicemen are there to advise you on new options according to your preferences. No wonder the award-winning Denver steakhouse is rated well online, with over 500 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Tripadvisor. Some have even called it the super blows delicious food and impeccable service. Shanahan’s Steakhouse is located at 5085 South Syracuse St. Denver, CO, and you can even place reservations over their website.

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