From the amazing architectural displays of historical buildings from the Victorian era to beautiful gardens, lush parks, and art galleries, there’s a lot to be mesmerized by in Denver Highlands. For the lovers of food and drinks, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to chic restaurants and hip cocktail bars you can hop into. Those who enjoy shopping and bringing a nice souvenir back home are not left behind either. You’ll have lots of art shops, boutiques, bookstores, and furniture shops to browse through.

Overlooking Downtown, the Highland Neighborhood in Denver is an amazing place to be for both the locals and the visitors. In case you’re wondering what it has to offer, here are some things to see in the highland neighborhood in Denver.

Highland Bridge 

This one is located in Denver’s lower highlands, popularly known as LoHi. It basically connects this hip neighborhood to downtown Denver. Opened in Dec 2006, the picturesque signature bridge depicts an amazing piece of architecture that many visitors of Denver pose to take pictures and marvel at.

the Highland Bridge located in the Highland neighborhood in Denver, CO

City of Cuernavaca Park

On the southeastern part of the Denver Highland neighborhood, lies a beautiful park that is a huge source of marvel to both the locals and visitors of the city. The City of Cuernavaca Park is a top choice destination for couples and singles who want to have a great quiet time outdoors while enjoying the sun. It is green and pretty spacious, with walking trails and other features like grills and a baseball field. More intriguingly, you’ll get a great view of Denver’s skyline while you breathe fresh air and get away from the busy side of life’s hustles.

The International Church of Cannabis

If you have been to Denver, without a doubt, you will agree with the fact that it is the home of murals. Creativity is vibrant, and the history behind every piece of art brings life to the art. The International Church of Cannabis is not left out either, and just like the name suggests, you will get “high” in this church. Remember how marijuana is controversial, but in Denver’s Highland, marijuana is the “sacrament” in the church service. If you are high on life, let this church be on your list of things to see once you visit Denver, Colorado.

The Selfie Museum

Well, Well, Well, you probably pictured a place you will walk in and see extinct animal species and other creatures, but things are different in this Denver Museum. This is a place you take selfies. Not really selfies per se, but the place was designed with photography in mind. If you are a fan of photos, Instagram, and all that, go to the Selfie Museum and pull a whole year’s supply of photos on your timeline. The backgrounds are irresistible. Carry a fully charged phone or camera, not forgetting clothes to change. It is a photo-shoot zone!

Denver Botanic Gardens

If you are a lover of nature, look no further! The Denver Botanic Gardens is worth checking out whenever in this part of the city. There are ticket purchases to access the area, which is done online. The pretty flowers and landscapes are sometimes the features we need to look at to appreciate Mother Nature. There is a grassy area where you can carry your foods, drinks, mats, board games, or favorite outdoor games. It makes a great way to escape city life over the weekend after a stressful week at work. You can never go wrong with an outdoor experience, plus the gardens also host events like weddings and festivals.

Hammond’s Candy Factory

What’s your flavor? Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Bubblegum, name them. At Hammond’s candy factory, you have all your sweet tooth candy delights on sight at a discounted price (since you are in the factory.) Generally, you will be taken around the factory as you watch the employees make different types of candy, and, at the finish, you get a candy cane and chocolate turtle for free! If you have a friend who is a candy lover, surprise them with a visit. They can have the broken suckers for their sweet tooth. Families with toddlers are also encouraged to visit because we all know kids and candy.

Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ghost? This site is historical, with a vast experience good for friends and family. Not as scary as it sounds, but it is very entertaining. There are tour guides to take you around as they narrate the story behind the site. In such an exciting and engaging way that you will forget it is a “ghost place.” If you are a Halloween freak, you will get the cheer here. This small paranormal world is best for team building as well as family bonding.

And there you have it. The Highland Neighborhood in Denver has a lot in store for those who need new fun experiences at breathtaking sites and attractions. The above are just a few things you will want to see while in this fantastic neighborhood.  

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