Why We Don’t Have The Conflict Of Interest That Most Inspectors Have

When an inspector is forced to rely almost exclusively on those referrals to stay in business, they become more concerned with keeping the real estate professionals happy than they are with looking out for your best interests when they write your inspection report.

Inspectors who are almost entirely dependent on referrals from realtors or lenders are afraid to ‘bite the hand that feeds them’ by writing a report that is too critical or includes too much detail regarding certain types of problems with a home.


Real Estate Agents Aren’t The Problem

Now, having worked with and around real estate agents for decades, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of real estate agents would put their clients interests first every time.

Most real estate agents want home inspectors to do the best job possible for their clients. They would never want an inspector to overlook anything, or leave any potential issues out of their report.

BUT… home inspectors who rely so heavily on referrals from realtors feel an enormous amount of pressure to avoid ‘rocking the boat’ even when they find numerous or serious issues when inspecting a home.

The majority of home inspectors rely so heavily on referrals, or being on ‘the list’ of certain real estate offices that they just can’t risk being blacklisted as a ‘deal killer’ because it would put out of business.


Why We Can Be 100% Focused On Protecting You

At Brothers, most of our customers contact us directly because of our reputation for performing objective inspections without the conflicts of interest that plague so many inspection companies.

We aren’t forced to rely on referrals from people who work in the real estate industry, and that gives our inspectors the freedom to focus exclusively on what’s best for you.

That means our only concern is making sure you have all of the information you need to make good decisions when buying your new home.

Of course, we have great relationships with many of the top realtors and mortgage lenders in Denver. Because they understand that we believe in always doing what’s right for our clients, and the real estate professionals that we work with are committed to the same philosophy in their business.

So if you’re looking for a truly independent Denver inspection company that you can absolutely trust to put your interests first, then you’re in the right place.