For a myriad of reasons, Denver is among the most popular cities across the States. The most obvious reason is that it is the Colorado State capitol, and a lot of attention is always directed on capital cities even in the most remote parts of the globe. Well, the city comprises several neighborhoods, including Stapleton, whose name changed just recently in 2020. Thanks to the mainstream and social media, the neighborhood gained traction left, right, and center from all the pillars of the earth, making it even more popular. But Stapleton Denver has had a rich history even before George Floyd’s demise at the hands of police brutality, misconduct, and inhumane acts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Below, we will explore the story behind the Stapleton neighborhood in Denver Colorado, perhaps to see what gives the residents this kind of unity.

It’s Foundation

Stapleton neighborhood is one of the most popular in Denver. It has quite an interesting background because it was named after a politician in Denver, Mr. Ben Stapleton. He was the 5th mayor in the city of Denver and a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The reason why it bore the mayor’s name was that Denver Municipal Airport was built during his reign. It later expanded and was renamed to the Stapleton International Airport, after which it was moved and became the Denver International Airport. However, the Stapleton name remained as the name of the neighborhood of the former airport. Ben was one mayor who left a huge effect on Denver city after his rulership, like building the red rocks amphitheater.

After Denver Airport was renamed, the city of Denver did not have a glimpse of how the vast land was going to birth out into one of the most spectacular developments, the Stapleton neighborhood. Inspired and initiated by a group of Denver civic leaders, the neighborhood’s development only came to fruition a few years after the airport’s decommissioning.

After more than six years of planning, a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood was unveiled. It has stood the test of time to date, both economically, socially, and environmentally. Together with other urban developments, the Stapleton neighborhood turned Denver around and defined the city as one of the largest, urban development and projects in the United States.  

Some of the main reasons why the first Denver airport was torn down were that its condition had deteriorated and the airplanes were making too much noise, angering and agitating the residents of Park Hill. Today, the land where the Stapleton International Airport laid is the Stapleton neighborhood, which carries some of the largest shopping malls and residential houses in Denver.

All the same, the memories of the former Denver International Airport were not completely vanquished. It left behind an old air control tower, which is an iconic landmark to date. It serves as a great reminder of the Stapleton history and its humble beginnings.

Name Change Procedures 

As you may or may not already know by now, Stapleton is now called Central Park. This came about during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when protests erupted across the nation after a black man, George Floyd, was brutally killed by a police officer in roughly 8 minutes of knee-strangling. Well, Justice was served at last, and the apparently global “black lives matter” and #Ican’tbreath protests appeared to fuel the debate to change the name into Central Park, Skyview, or something else. Well, the debate had been there before, where residents wanted to change the name because Ben Stapleton is believed to have been actively associated with the KKK back in his days. Well, we can only wait and see how all this turns out but as far as many know it, Stapleton will still keep its commanding rank as far as Denver neighborhoods are concerned.

Attractions Sites

Stapleton neighborhood is molded after the concept of new urbanism. It combines the perks of traditional and urban living atmosphere. At Stapleton, your eyes can hardly feast enough, from the view of the neatly lawned walkable street, parks, and recycled pathways. The Green Acres promote the sense of the residents’ healthy lifestyles.

Another eye-catching site is the Greenways that runs through the heart of Stapleton neighborhood, they were designed to clean stormwater and provide wildlife habitat. The Stapleton residents also have a unique feature in that they share spaces, which bond the neighborhood through various activities like games, barbecues, and other social gatherings. The neighborhood’s homes are well set from the streets, which provide a better and safer pedestrian experience. It has more than 2600 trees that create a cool breeze in the neighborhood. This provides a cozy atmosphere of fresh air, which helps in minimizing the greenhouse gas while maximizing the neighborhood’s allure.

While at Stapleton, your fitness is well taken care of. The various jogging and hiking trails let you burn some calories through walks, biking, and hiking as you enjoy breathtaking views of the rocky Colorado Mountains.  


Stapleton is one of the largest cities in Denver, with around 25,000 estimated residents. The neighborhoods border the restored sand creek regional greenway and Bluff Lake Nature Center of the nation’s biggest urban wildlife refuges. It’s divided into 12 sub-neighborhoods, with amenities like schools, parks, shopping malls, recreational centers, and libraries.

If shopping is one of your hobbies, you will be spoilt for choice since there are a myriad of shops at the Northfield Stapleton which is diversified with lots of options. As you shop, you can enjoy a ravishing dining experience at some of the exquisite restaurants. The neighborhood has organized events like music concerts, farmers’ markets, outdoor movies, and neighborhood-wide garage sales.

If you are thinking of relocating to Denver, you have all the reasons to include Stapleton in your list of considerations. It’s just a fine and a great neighborhood to live and work in. In the views of many diehard fans and locals alike, it is simply an oasis of tranquility and amusement. Hopefully, the above few points have shed some light and could guide you into making a decision whether to invest in or relocate to Stapleton.

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