Coors Field

When Many Americans hear the name Coors field being mentioned, the first picture that comes to mind is a man with a baseball bat. Those who are hardcore fans of the MLB could even mention some of the most popular baseball players from Denver by name, where they live, their net worth, where they grew up, and even their spouses. Well, it is part of the fun because, just like it is with other adrenaline-spiking games, baseball has a way of igniting curiosity in fans.

Well, the Coors Field is a spectacle and a source of pride for Colorado in Denver. The baseball park has served as the home for the Colorado Rockies, the Major League Basketball team in Denver for many years. It’s the third-oldest stadium in the Major League Baseball franchise. Coors field incorporates the comforts of a modern stadium with a twist of an atmosphere of the old-time ballparks. For more than just a few reasons, it is known to many as the most exciting ballpark in the history of Baseball. Speaking of history, let’s rewind the clock a bit and highlight a few important events that created Coors Field and transformed it over the years to what we know today.

picture of the entrance to Coors Field


Coors Field is named after the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado, one of the most popular cities in the state during the gold rush era. The company purchased the naming rights to the venue before the park was completed in 1995. It’s one of the most spectacular reminiscing parks in modern Colorado. It’s a signature on its own, from the old fashioned clock tower at the entrance to the hand-laid bricks, the crafty steel beams, and the mountain garden, just to mention a few iconic features. Due to these and many more reasons, the park is a major landmark in the city of Golden, CO. It is frequented by tourists from all around the world including lovers of baseball, curious fans, and people who just want to learn a bit about the History of Colorado and cities like Denver and Golden.


Coors Field was constructed within 6 years in the downtown Denver neighborhood, ending in 1995. The first game was played in April 1995, and the CO Rockies took the trophy home defeating the New York Mets. Due to the spring snow interfering with the baseball season games, the field became the first ballpark to be heated infield with heated grass. Heating helps in ridding off the snow, which devastates the playing surface of the field.

Also, a cable of about 45 miles runs underneath to keep the grass green, especially during the dry summer months, and to melt the early spring and fall snow. These cables aid in keeping the grass green and healthy throughout the summer when the air dries out of high temperatures. The reason why the field was built was that the Rockies, the cherished baseball team in Denver, did not have their own home field. However, the Colorado Rockies were rewarded with their own home field after playing their first game on Coors Field.

Currently, Coors Field is known to hold the capacity of at least 50,445 people. During baseball games, it’s normally a rainbow of silver, black, and purple, as baseball fans, sports lovers, and Denver locals flood the field clad in their favorite teams’ colors to support and cheer them.

Initially, the Coors Field was designed as a small field with a smaller seating capacity of 43,800. However, this changed later after the Rockies held their first season and the game attracted a mammoth crowd of almost 4.5 million people. This outweighed the initial plan as it broke the record of spectators in baseball history, and inevitably saw the need to construct a bigger field after the first season of the game. The seating area was thus expanded to accommodate more spectators.

Historic Inspiration

Well, it is rumored that if you live in the Denver metro area, your home could as well be sitting on a hip of dino bones. While this may not be the easiest statement to prove scientifically, the construction and expansion of the Coors Field might have confirmed the whispers a few years ago.

As they embarked on constructing Coors Field in 1994, the construction workers unearthed a dinosaur fossil during their excavation in the field and they nicknamed it the Jurassic Park. It also included a 7-foot long, 1000 pounds triceratops skull, a huge herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur from the late cretaceous era, which is thought to have been found mainly in North America. Its name came from having 3 horns on its head. After its examination by historians, it was found to be at least 66 million years old. What a historic inspiration, one would think to himself. More interestingly, this is perhaps why the Colorado Rockies have a purple dinosaur as their mascot.


While you are at it in the Coors field you don’t have to fret about the accommodation. The ballpark comprises 63 luxury suites and 4526 seats. Cools Field also houses an exquisite restaurant attached to the stadium, which offers a substantial selection of food items to treat your taste buds. From Denver dogs to Rockie dogs, vegetarian dogs, burgers, there are lots of items to choose from on the menu.

Coors Field is a mega favorite joint where most Coloradans hang out over the weekends and off-days as they catch up with their friends cheering for their favorite MLB teams. The field is modeled with the comfort of the spectators in mind, by ensuring the view is not barred.

Since it is located strategically in the core of Denver’s downtown Coors Field is also a popular venue for event holders throughout the year. There are lots of private spaces that provide unique, breathtaking sceneries accompanied with excellent décor to suit even a wedding. The next time you are visiting Denver, catch a game at the Coors Field, for those unforgettable memories and fun moments.

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