Denver’s 16th Street Mall

Located in the heart of Denver, this vibrant pedestrian promenade of red-and-grey granite is lined with shops, restaurants, historic buildings, outdoor cafés, and sparkling glass-walled skyscrapers. There are numerous fountains and plaza, which act as joints for special events and entertainment. 

When in Denver, you have no reason to skip this amazing bed of marvel because free shuttle buses cruise the mall lane for free, seven days a week. When visiting Denver for the first or consecutive time, you ought to know that the 16th is also the place to look for souvenirs to take back home to your loved ones.  

picture of the 16th street mall in denver

Cafes and Coffee Shops

After a long stroll on the streets, you may want to grab something to quench your thirst. There are so many cafes to suit all your needs when it comes to drinks and beverages. Over the years, the Corner Bakery Café has had its glory for preparing desserts with fresh ingredients and fresh bakes straight from the oven.

The fastest-growing coffee shop, which has eight branches all over Denver, Ink Coffee, is also a favorite to many locals and visitors of Denver its station. Here, you will find pastries, salads, beans roasted in Basalt, and gourmet sandwiches. You will also come across the Delectable Egg and the Panera Bread joints. The mouth-watering experiences in this mall are irresistible!

Quiet, Walkable, Paths 

Did you know that the 16th street mall is a whole mile and a quarter long? Well, now you know! Other than the numerous shopping stores where you can find literally anything, the 16 street also has a quiet and cozy Mediterranean feel in the day, thanks to the many trees and potted shrubs planted on the sides. What’s more, it is free from traffic, which means that you won’t have to cope with hoots and buzzes from cars that characterize the city life in many other parts. The street is also well illuminated at night, with numerous neatly organized lights that hang on strings. With this kind of vibrancy, walking with your date or better half along these streets can be a spectacular experience. 

Local Restaurants

As you walk along this 2KM street, you will realize there are many food joints where you can hang out as you have your favorite meals. Some of the best food joints around that place are Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches for the best in-house baked bread. MAD Greens- The name speaks for itself. For the best fruit blends and mixes. Delicious Paninis and vegetable wraps are best done here.

The Modern Market is the perfect place for foods made from scratch, especially fast foods: waffles, brick oven pizzas, fresh salads, and hearty soup and Tuscany Coffee & Deli, also a place you can pass through to grab a bite. There are highly ranked restaurants on that street.

Taverns and Breweries

This is where all the dark comes to light, and all the calm comes to rise. In Denver’s most popular street mall, you will come across fresh, handcrafted beers with inspired entrees. The concept of a local watering hole with more than 100 beers on tap will have you tag your crew for an alcohol “test drive.” For the lovers of cocktails and mocktails, your fruit dressings come on presentations that will leave you begging for more. Among the gig joints to visit are Yard House Downtown Denver, Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill, Rock Bottom Brewery, and Henry’s Tavern.

Ice Cream Joints 

If you are going on a weekend vacation with kids, this is another huge reason to visit 16th street in downtown Denver. After all, we all love ice cream, don’t we? The street Mall is home to some of the best ice cream spots in Denver. Love birds will also have a great time hopping into one of these lovely ice cream havens as they enjoy their weekend afternoon exploring Downtown Denver. 

International Restaurants

Denver, Colorado is a place where folks from all walks of life visit. It would be unfortunate to visit a place, only to discover that the local delicacies are all you’ve got for lunch or dinner. Well, this is not the case when it comes to the 16th Street Mall. Thanks to the diverse range of restaurants offering international cuisines, all visitors are catered for. Some popular options include:

  • ChoLonBistro – Offers French food
  • Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar -The Hawaiian name (hapa) refers to the combination of American and Asian cuisines to create a harmonious menu with a range of fine-tasting meals. 
  • Lime American Cantina- Mexican delicacies
  • Otra Vez Cantina – Specializes largely in Spanish delicacies 
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy – This one specializes in Italian-American cuisines. The meals are served in a polished family-style space that attracts the gourmet side of you from afar.  

These international spots come through really fine, especially for foreigners who visit Colorado. It also gives the locals the chance to try out new meals on their menu. If you take a good stroll through the street mall, you will realize one thing. When it comes to food and beverages, you will be spoilt for choice.  

Gift Shops and Boutiques 

For those who love gifts and souvenirs, Denver 16th Street is the place to be. Whether you love going back home with artifacts and collectibles after your trip or you love surprising your loved ones with fashion items, you will be spoilt for options at this iconic mall. The place hosts many dozens of boutiques, gift shops, curio exhibitions, jeweler stores, and a lot more. You will hardly leave Denver without something unique and meaningful once you decide to check out this mall. 

Racks for Bikers 

Finally, downtown Denver is one of those places where lovers of biking feel at home. While bikes are not permitted on the street mall except the weekends, there are several U racks at various intersections along 16th Street. This means that bikers can feel safe locking the bikes when they decide to take a pip into the various interesting places inside this mall. 

Simply put, there’s a lot to do on the 16th street mall than meets an eye. Especially if you are a serious shopper, you may need to pay a few visits here to fulfill all your needs and explore enough. There’s a big chance you will become a regular visitor if you can from the first time you set your eyes on what the sixteenth street mall has to offer. 

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