The Value Of Pre-Listing Inspections For Home Sellers

You obviously want to get the best price you can for your home, but unless you are in a seller’s real estate market, you will need to be reasonable as well.

Here’s an example… if the furnace in your home is 20 years old, you should have replaced it already. Just because ‘it still works’ doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been replaced after 15 years.

So you avoided the expense of replacing that furnace for the last 5 years, but now that you are selling your home,

it’s reasonable to allow for a concession towards a new furnace for your buyer.

Issues like this example are a great reason having an inspector perform a pre-listing inspection on your home are a great idea.

That way, you and your realtor are aware of any issues that are likely to come up during a home buyer’s inspection ahead of time.

Your realtor will be able to offer you the best guidance how to set the asking price for your home, with the full knowledge that you will probably be asked to make concessions for certain items.

I hope this has helped both homebuyers and home sellers better understand how to keep the home inspection process in proper perspective.

If you have any questions about your home, or a home inspection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’re always happy to help however we can.


A Little Advice For Home Sellers

From my 20 plus years in the real estate industry, mostly as a custom home builder, I’ve found it’s always best to take care of any items that might result in a homebuyer wanting to renegotiate in advance.

Because when you don’t address things that are sure to become an issue during negotiations, homebuyers tend to get a little nervous and become pickier. They are worried about ‘what else could be wrong with the house.’

That leads to them asking for bigger concessions because they feel like they need to ‘cover themselves’ more than they would otherwise.

Here’s an example from my career as a homebuilder…

Our company built homes in golf course communities, and we were building a spec home on a sloping lot that was very ‘challenging’ to say the least.

Our project manager that was in charge of the construction recommended against building s retaining wall around the back corner of the yard that was close to a creek.

I asked one of the on-site real estate agents at this community to look at it with me, and give us her opinion.

And she said if we didn’t build the retaining wall, the homebuyers would not only have to factor in the cost of building one themselves, but they would think about all the trouble and headaches that may go into taking on a project like that.

Her advice was to build the retaining wall, add some nice landscaping, and raise the price of the house.

That was great advice, and served as a lifelong lesson about how to approach potential issues with any home prior to putting it up for sale.

We sold the home for the asking price. The buyer loved what we’d done with the landscaping, and everyone was happy.

Selling your home is like a beauty contest, and peace of mind is sort of like lipstick for your house.


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