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Our Story, continued…

Doug’s neighbor suggested that the most likely reason the home inspector didn’t mention the faulty electrical panel was that he was afraid of upsetting the real estate agent who referred the client to him.

His neighbor explained that most home inspectors rely on referrals from real estate agents for nearly 100% of their business.

So the home inspector was probably afraid that if he brought up that fire hazard presented by the faulty electrical panel, and the homebuyer backed out of the deal, the real estate agent would stop referring customers to that home inspector.

Having been a custom home builder for many years, Doug had built relationships with many successful realtors, and he couldn’t imagine any of them putting their own interests ahead of what was best for their clients.

Every realtor he had known was a true professional, who took a long-term approach to the business… and always did what was best for their clients.

But just like home inspectors, not every real estate agent is the same.


Doug was certain there had to be a way to create a home inspection company that didn’t rely so heavily on referrals from real estate agents, so that the inspectors could perform honest inspections, and do what was best for the homebuyers – without having to choose between their integrity and their livelihood.

He knew the company would need to have enough ‘marketing muscle’ to reach homebuyers who were looking for a certified home inspector directly, instead of relying solely on referrals from people in the real estate industry.

He and Chris talked through the possibilities that would create for the company being able to work with only the top real estate agents in the business.

The ones who put their clients first, and prioritized what was best for them.