The Denver Art Museum

A good number of people don’t find a visit to the museum all that appealing. Some view it as a mundane adventure. However, it all depends on your interests, and most importantly, the museum you pay a visit to. In this case, there are a lot of reasons why a tour of the Denver Art Museum could change your notion, alter your mind, and expand your horizon.

The Denver Art Museum is one of the largest of its kind in the US. Although its founding history dates back to 1893, the 146,000-square-foot museum wasn’t open to the public until October 2006. It’s an architectural landmark for the city of Denver, Colorado. From paintings that date back to the 19th century, to modern sculptures, and works motivated by social justice. The Denver Art Museum has a lot to offer.

picture of the denver art museum at night

People visit museums for different reasons. While some go for educational purposes, others are purely seeking amusement and fun from the adventure. If art is your thing, then you can never go wrong visiting the Denver Art Museum. It hosts an extensive collection of art from different parts of the world that you will appreciate and find amazing. While there, some of the art galleries you will want to check out include the following:

American Indian Art

At the Denver Museum, there is always something new for you to discover. Here, you can express your admiration for the cultural relics created many centuries ago from literally every continent in the world. You will get to learn and understand the uniqueness of each group and its artistic articulations through the distinct mediums. In this gallery, you will discover a wide range of arts and artistic objects collected from Native American cultures from as early as hundreds of years ago.

Fashion and Textile Art

If fashion is your passion, this section will give you an expansive view as you sample a range of 5000 pieces of fashion from the earliest textiles to the latest modern fiber art. Others include Chinese paraphernalia and court robes that date back to as early as the Qing dynasty eras as well as ecclesiastic garments manufactured during Leonardo Da Vinci’s times. There is also a collection of over 300 American traditional quilts that your eye can’t afford to miss.  

Modern and Contemporary Art

In this section, you are treated to almost 13,000 works of art collections of houses dating back to the early-1900’s. The contemporary art exhibit is known for its highly-regarded modern masterworks and unmatched collections of houses. Many of these artistic inspirational works are from Picasso, Duchamp, and Matisse. Including over 30 works by the famed R. Motherwell.

Oceanic Art

The oceanic art gallery consists of an assemblage of all art forms from the south pacific region.

It leans more towards the geographic regions of Melanesia and Polynesia. There are at least 100 pieces to sample from; among them including key historical enormous sculptures and wood carvings. You also get to view other amazing wood carvings and historic sculptures by some artists from south Polynesian, and modern artists like Mathis Gauge.

Africa Art

If ancient art is your vibe, this art collection will treat you with riches of artistic valuables from the continent of Africa. The African art collection holds at least 1000 objects both old and new from contemporary artists. You will appreciate a diversity of artistic traditions of Africa, including scarce and elegant works from sculptures, textiles, paintings, prints, and drawings.

Apart from these, other popular collections in the museum include Asian Art, Indigenous North American Arts, Western American Art, Latin American Art, and much more.

As we can agree at this point, the Denver Art Museum does appreciate cultural diversity. The art collections and exhibitions you will encounter in one of Colorado’s largest art Museums are too many to mention. Unlike many museums, this museum focuses on different types of exhibits that help promote understanding and ignite creative thinking in the present and future generations through art.

What’s even more interesting is that visiting the museum won’t cost you much hustle. All you need to do is purchase your ticket at the click of a button through their website, on-site, or even through a phone call. Parents love it because admission is free of charge for kids, although adults part with a few bucks for a taste of some art.

There are different specific exhibits at different dates of the month. This means that when planning your visit, you will want to check out their website in advance to see what is scheduled to show.

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