Sitting on a 24-acre piece of (plant and flower-covered) land on York Street just minutes from downtown Denver, the Denver Botanic Gardens is an oasis of marvel and a darling to many. It is frequently occasioned by love birds on romantic escapades, families, newly-wedded couples, and pretty much anyone who loves having a good time with nature. This is definitely the reason the three famous gardens (Schlessman Plaza, El Pomar Waterway, and Fragrance) are together called the “romantic gardens”. As you get acquainted with special plants such as roses, clematis, lilies, lavender, and oregano, the gardens are a haven of beauty, color, scent, and Nature’s perfection. But there’s more to see in the Denver Botanic Gardens than most people know. Here are 4 plus one things you will find at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 

picture of the Denver Botanic Garden  entrance
Denver, MAY 5: The beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens on MAY 5, 2017 at Denver, Colorado

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1. Native Plants

The gardens have indigenous plants that occur with every season. They have existed for such a long time, and they change according to the season. It has the most extensive collection of plants in North America, making it an attraction for local tourists and foreigners. Some of the signature plants in Denver Botanic Gardens include Blue grama grass, Buffalo grass, dotted gayfeather, and Tulip gentian, among others. It is an all-weather garden that is resistant to cold, hail, heat, and drought.

2. Marnie’s Pavilion and Orangery 

The Marnie’s Pavilion features an abundance of different tropical plants, including ferns, and orchids. This is not to mention the picturesque two-story waterfall that’s a darling to many visitors of the gardens. There’s also a mezzanine in the unique space from where visitors can take a peek through the large windows into the beautiful greenhouses located in the gardens.

It has been, and it will continue to be a venue for many showcases and events. The vibrant blossoms and citrus plants are just mouth-gaping. Could that be the reason why many events take place in this part of the gardens? The environment is romantic and cozy, simmering a love potion. In the afternoon, the snow melts away after a strike of the weather rays during winter. Suitable for all ages and seasons, there is a lot Mother Nature has to offer in these gardens.

3. Children’s Garden

Children grow up being curious beings, wanting to feel and touch. At Denver Botanic Gardens, they have not been left behind. Their needs have been well taken care of by having an array of enticing and delightful plants and flowers. They are allowed to practice their curiosity as they admire their creations. They can also use rocks to build small “castles” and as if that is not enough; there are toys to bring them back to their ordinary world. They are also introduced to camping activities, where they are taught how to cook, paint, and gardening. It is such a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained and educated too.

4. Mountains and Outdoor Fun 

Having all the satisfaction that nature can offer, mountains wrap it all. If you are a fan of hiking, get all your equipment ready for some physical exercises away from your instructor’s gym and challenging workouts. A mini-adventure at Mount Goliath and Mount Evans should create memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to this, when you reach the mountain top, you have the delight of watching the birds and butterflies. The trails are worth the hiking risk, but then the tours are guided so you can be sure of your safety as you trod through the alpine and subalpine trails. You have more than enough reasons to put Colorado in your bucket list before the year ends.

5. Tropical Conservatory

Filled with life, feel, beautiful scents, and adoration, the conservatory pathway is lined with colored and delicate buds that will sprout to beautiful flowers and shoots. During winter, the ground is covered with a blanket of snow which brings serenity to the streets. 

A pond full of fish of all colors, sizes, and species swing their tails when you have walked in. It is such a great place to relax and meditate as you watch these cold-blooded vertebrates live their best life. After that, sights of wavy fresh leaves welcome you to the path in all colors, shapes, and sizes as you make your way deeper into the gardens.

And there you have it. For so many reasons, the Denver Botanic Gardens have gained huge popularity not only in the US but all across the world. No wonder it is frequented by tourists throughout the seasons. The list should obviously be longer than covered in this piece, but these are just a few things you’ll find in these awesome gardens in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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